Scholarship Essay

Writing a perfect scholarship essay may prove to be a difficult task especially when the student is looking forward for an excellent piece that would guarantee them the scholarship. As such, there is only one way out of it – order an essay at essay wanted. A scholarship essay is written depending on the circumstances of the awarding of scholarship. As such, one essay even if perfectly written may not be fit for submission in different circumstances.

A scholarship essay presents the student an opportunity to win a scholarship to the institution of their choice. Students must present their expectations and reasons for applying for a scholarship. Therefore, they should be cautious and very sure of what they are presenting in the essay. The notion that there is no one who reads the scholarship essays is very misplaced. There are formed special committees that deal with scholarship issues and are mandated with the responsibility of vetting the received scholarship essays for approval. They thus expect that students should showcase their skills, and abilities aimed at proving that they possess more about life than what their GPAs show.

A perfect scholarship essay conforms to eight crucial steps.

The first step entails reading the essay instructions carefully. Many institutions that offer scholarships give out instructions and in most cases in form of a question that must be addressed in the essay. You are obliged to read the question or the instructions carefully and make sure you fully understand them. For instance, the question may be, “What skills do you plan to gain by the end of your college years in the institution?” You should be careful while answering such a question since the committee is not interested in what you envision to gain at the end of your stay, but wants to gauge how promising you are in life.

Other institutions will require you to write a scholarship essay on the topic of your choice. This approach seems a challenge to most of students, but you should take this opportunity to showcase you creativity. However, the student must exercise caution when choosing the topic of the essay. The topic you choose must be the one you are highly acquainted with to guarantee a mile closer to the winning of the scholarship.

No matter the topic you choose, there are some mandatory inputs you must include or at least briefly discussed in the scholarship essay. The first is your interests, the second your relevant experiences, and the third your background information all of which must fit the goals of the institution offering scholarship. In case any of the instructions are blurry, you must feel free to contact the funding institution for clarity.

The Second step is making a list entailing crucial tips and keywords that you will use when writing the essay. It is crucial to ensure that you include all the relevant information that will give you an added advantage as a potential candidate for the award of a scholarship. To guarantee the inclusion of the relevant information that relates to the goals and mission of the institution, you are obliged to carry out some research to know more about the institution.

The words used in the mission statement of the institution are crucial and helpful in the essay. This is so because using them in the essay creates a close connection to the mission statement of the institution and also resonates with the committee members when reviewing the essays. Showing a possibility of fitting to the organizational goals with ease lures the committee members to offer scholarship to such a student. You may also need to refer to your transcripts and CVs to assist you in pinpointing the qualifications that are relevant for inclusion in the scholarship essay. At this point, any useful information that will bring you closer to award of the scholarship counts and must be included. However, the information included must be guided by the recommended length of the essay.

The third step is the writing of a rough draft. In most cases, students do not entertain the idea of writing a rough draft, but it is always very helpful in writing a perfect piece. Many like writing the essay right away just like a story. However, writing a rough draft will always be an exemplary way of achieving the best. The rough draft entails the main headings followed by the inclusion of subheadings and the highlighted key words.

The fourth step is writing a summary of the points and the keywords identified in step two. At this instance, you must include a central thesis that carries the weight of the discussion in the scholarship essay. A thesis statement of a scholarship essay summarizes the main points that are presented in the essay. The thesis statement must appear somewhere in the start of the essay to notify the reader of what to expect in the body paragraphs. An example of a thesis statement that summarizes the content presented in the essay is, “My experiences, academic achievements and personal goals as presented in the essay align with the goals, mission, and vision of your organization.”

The fifth step is filling in the missing information that reinforces the key points included in the rough draft essay. All the relevant information included in the rough draft must support the thesis statement and also must be grammatically correct. As such, you need to fill in the missing information that makes the essay complete and strong. The whole essay at this point should be clear, concise, and precise painting a vivid picture of the topic of discussion in all perspectives.

The sixth step is revising the drafted obtained after including the thesis statement and filling the missing information to make the essay meaningful. You should read and reread the essay to pinpoint any errors in grammar, construction, and ambiguity. Whenever an error is identified, it should be corrected immediately. After correcting all the errors, you must reread the essay for the last time to ensure that everything makes sense to the prospective readers. Make it sound like it’s you who are narrating the content of the essay and ensure that you address all the requirements in the instructions.

The seventh step is giving the essay to someone else especially a professional to read and make suggestions on the parts you should refine. Ask the reader whether the essay was interesting, the grammar appropriateness, the sound of the essay, and whether it has responded to the instructions.

The eighth step is refining the essay for submission. After the professional or a friend gives suggestions on where to change the essay, you should refine it in accordance with the recommendations. After this, you should submit your essay to the funding institution and wait for their feedback.