Exploratory Essay

When writing an exploratory essay, the student is required not to have a specific conclusion about the subject. As such, he or she should have a free mind that will enable them to explore on the subject without a definite conclusion of what is under discussion. However, the discussion depends on the facts derived by the writer from an extensive research on the issue under consideration. To this effect, students are required to write as a way of learning new things through research than writing their ideas to prove what they already know.

This type of an essay is aimed at building on unproven inquiries by requiring the writer to look into and make contribution to a broader argument that contains different matters in it as opposed to dealing with each issue at a time. An inquiry essay requires the writer to attend to different arguments one at a time whereas an exploratory essay requires that the writer address the arguments from a broader perspective as a whole.

An exploratory essay focuses on the following

The main debate in an exploratory essay focuses on a question contrary to other essays that focuses on a thesis statement.

There are two main methods of writing an exploratory essay that have different results. The first method is known as in-process that results to immediacy. The second method is known as retrospective that results to an essay designed in a more artistic manner.

An excellent exploratory essay documents the research process and findings and thus addresses content-oriented queries and rhetorical queries pertaining to the issue under consideration.

An exploratory essay usually reflects on the costs and benefits of the numerous solutions pertaining to the issue under consideration.

An exploratory essay is usually dialectical in both senses namely; Platonic and Hegelian senses.

Students seem to have problems when required to write an exploratory essay. This is so because in most cases, students are required to prove a thesis but an exploratory essay require students to show why a conclusion is viable by use of research. Students are urged to think of an exploratory essay as an article in a newspaper where the writer explores a subject in details and educates the readers as well as themselves in the process of exploration.


In the introduction, the writer let the readers know what to expect in the essay and the intend purpose. In other words, the writer notifies the reader what they expect to achieve in the essay. Second, the writer sets the context of the exploration that will help the readers to fully understand the argument.

Third, the writer is obliged to hook the audience with compelling and attention-catching statement that motivates them to read the whole essay. Fourth, the writer is obliged to concisely state the central research question that relays the purpose of the exploratory essay.

A good example of an exploratory topic would be on the social effect of social media. In this case, the writer is supposed to explore the effects in general as opposed to a single social effect of social media at a time.  The purpose clearly stated and the wording must be very convincing.