Admission Essays

An admission essay is meant to notify the relevant management of an education institution about the applicant’s reasons for applying for admission in the institution. As such, it must incorporate the applicant’s several vital elements such as the course he or she is interested in pursuing, qualifications from another the previous or lower institution, hobbies, and what they envision to gain by the end of their stay at the institution.

Other institutions require that the applicant write an admission essay on their strengths and weaknesses and how they will build up on the strengths to take care of their weaknesses through the course they are applying for. In this case, the student is required to address how the course they are applying for will assist them in eliminating their weaknesses and also augmenting on their strengths. As such, students are obliged to write in a clear, concise, and precise way. They should also get to the point by use of a simple language that the reader will understand without difficulty. In addition to this, other institutions require that a student write an admission essay in terms of a brief paper on their life experiences aimed at testing their creativity, simplicity in use of language, conciseness, clearness, and preciseness.

A good example of an admission essay is; why would you like to attend Dallas Baptist University?

A full example is as below

Why I Would Like to Attend Dallas Baptist University

I have very many reasons about why I would like to attend Dallas Baptist University. First, I have been longing to join this great institution since I was too young because of the good reputation the University has more so in our neighborhood. The University has been dubbed as a place where an individual is nurtured to become a Christian Scholar as opposed to a Christian, who is a scholar. This statement is so inspiring that gets me to the second reason I would like to be a student at Dallas Baptist University. The second reason is that I have been brought up in a Christian family and as such, I love a Christian atmosphere that I am sure Dallas Baptist University will offer me. I look forward to being a servant leader whose foundation has been laid well on Christianity, and only Dallas Baptist University can fulfill this wish for me.

The third reason is that the institution is beautiful with a serene environment. As such, Dallas Baptist University will offer me the best place to learn new things and skills in a therapeutic Christian environment. Apart from the serene learning environment, the institution is well endowed with educational resources. The fourth reason is that Dallas Baptist University is close to my home place and as such, I know the institution better and have been longing to go for a long time. Joining Dallas Baptist University will be a dream coming true for me. I will utilize the opportunity well to become an all-rounded person who will perfectly fit into the society as a servant leader ready to bring about admirable transformation whenever I go.

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